Meta Tycoon world.
Play—to—Earn NFT game

Become the greatest tycoon in the social simulator

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Watch trailer
Please note. This is an early game footage and might be changed upon release.
How it works
These are your lands and it depends only on you what economic success you can achieve,
use all your capabilities and become the greatest tycoon

Produce goods

Build facilities

Organize logistics

Trade with other players

Build new vehicles

What’s inside?

Accurately designed economic model of the game

Free market for in-game resources

Lands can have different climate zones and provide their own bonuses

Different in-game roles

Players can hire managers to manage their lands

API for gaming guilds

Every player can play his own role
in Meta Tycoon
Produces vehicles
Manages the Tycoon’s areas
Player who has an “Area” NFT
Refills fossil resources
Restores forests
Phase 0
Community launch
Seed round
Phase 1 (Q3 2022)
Community $MetaTG sale
Community NFT sale
NFT listing
NFT staking and upgrading
Phase 2 (Q3 2022)
Public $MetaTG sale
Public NFT sale
Phase 3 (Q4 2023)
Game release
DEX\CEX listing
Phase 4 (TBA)
More gameplay modes
Multiplayer areas

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Our team
Dembovskiy Roman
Ilyas Ivankovich
Game Designer
Petr Vechkanov
CG Artist
Jon Habibulloev
Ux/Ui Designer